ptions Exchange many, many moons ago, when it was very much the wild, Wild West, like crypto is to today. I am an author, speaker and inventor of an investment method, which I went on to turn into an award winning investment firm, which I sold last year.

Here is my QOTD: Are you currently invested in Bitcoin? If not, what has has held you back? If so, for how long? Drop that in the comments for me …. That helps a lot to tailor the content to my audience …

And now on to the topic at hand …. 5 Questions you must answer BEFORE you invest a penny in Bitcoin

* Why BEFORE? After you invest, you are insane …

* The 5 Questions:
* Should I invest?
* How much should I invest?
* Which assets (bitcoin/Ethereum/Alt Coins) do I buy and how much of each?
* Under what conditions would I buy more?
* Under what conditions would I sell? (Profit-taking/exit)

* Must have answers AND rationale for them BEFORE you invest

* Goal is to
* maximize profit
* (without hedging mechanisms of more mature asset classes)
* Strike balance between opportunity and risk
* (you and price normalization)

* Best plan in the world is useless if you can’t follow it 😫

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