A.K.A. Crypto Investing For Old Fogeys! 😉

In this video, we explore 1) What Bitcoin/cryptocurrency is; 2) What you need to know about Bitcoin and crypto to invest in it, which frankly may surprise you what I am going to say here …

Question of the day … how much do YOU know about crypto currency and crypto investing? Go ahead and add your comments below. Are you crypto cluelesss? … a crypto fanatic? Or somewhere in between?

While there is no doubt there is some huge opportunity in investing in cryptocurrency right now, there is also no such thing as Magic Internet Money, as many crypto-kiddies would have you believe…

There is a lot of Kool Aid drinking going on right now. So this is my attempt to find the happy medium and bring some sanity to an otherwise pretty insane space …

Let me know if your thoughts, comments and/or questions below. I am happy to take any and all questions!

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