The case AGAINST #HODLing cryptocurrency

For those of you listening to the replay, I want to say thank you and welcome!

Today’s topic is … The case against #HODLing. 

What is HODLing? Acronym meaning Hold On For Dear Life… bogus advice

About Me - This is not my first bubble. I am a 20+ year investment industry veteran and critic. I cut my teeth trading options on the Chicago Board Options Exchange many, many moons ago, when it was very much the wild, Wild West, like crypto is to today. I am an author, speaker and inventor of an investment method, which I went on to turn into an award winning investment firm, which I sold last year.

Here is my QOTD: Are you currently invested in crypto? If not, what has has held you back? If so, for how long? Drop that in the comments for me …. That helps a lot to tailor the content to my audience …

And now on to the topic at hand ….  HODLing and why I think it is a terrible idea in this market!!

* Way too early in the market cycle to consider a Buy and Hold strategy
* This is an investable bubble at best. At worst it bursts tomorrow. Strategize accordingly.
* The argument that if you bought and held the Internet bubble you’d be a happy camper right now is hogwash… you would be very sad right now.

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Remember, disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer …. nothing I said should be considered investment advice. Past performance is not guarantee of future results. All investments involve risk… especially this one! It could go to zero tomorrow, so do not under any circumstances, invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Thanks for listening, I’ll be back tomorrow with another installment of Sane Crypto Live. Until then, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Kim Snider