Message from Bert via Facebook Messenger:

“I am chomping at the bit to get in but my wife is convinced we will lose all of our money. And she has absolutely forbidden me to touch our retirement savings. Is investing our retirement savings in Bitcoin a bad idea? ”

No distinction between taxable or non-taxable, retirement or otherwise … either should or shouldn’t

I believe this is “investable bubble”. Two questions to consider:

1. Do you have risk capital to invest?
2. Can you tolerate the volatility?

1. Bubble means irrational enthusiasm. That means potential for price to be driven up very quickly compared to traditional assets
2. Outsized returns have potential to make meaningful difference even with small investment

1. Volatility can be nerve-racking at best. Cause you to do exact wrong thing at worst.
2. All assets highly correlated. No place to hide when the music stops

Bet we are making is not on long-term value of Bitcoin or blockchain. That all happens long after this ..

Bet we are making is the bubble will last long enough for us to profit handsomely before it bursts.

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