I don’t know about you but I have found the last few weeks to be somewhat unsettling.

In addition to what feels to me like social tensions among us approaching some sort of boiling point, we have:

✓ Massive job losses and dislocation coming from AI and automation

✓ A bull market in stocks that is 10 years old, created by artificially low inflation rates

✓ A reckoning of under-funded pension obligations and rising healthcare costs looming

✓ A $21 trillion U.S. national debt that can only be met by printing more money

I am normally an optimist. So I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom on you.

But I am also an observer of market cycles. And the one thing we know is nothing can exist in a state of extreme indefinitely.

Closed systems, by definition, mean reverting.

One of my core investment principles is “Hope for the best. But prepare for the worst.”

So, it is with all that weighing on my mind that I answered a question in my email box the other day, from someone planning to attend tonight’s free training.

The question boils down to “Why You MUST Invest in Bitcoin? And Why Right Now?”

In Episode 28 of the Sane Crypto podcast, I delve deeper into what makes right now the best time to invest in Bitcoin, but here’s the short list in case you missed it:

Why You MUST Invest in Bitcoin:
Why Right Now:
  1. We are in the sweet spot of the adoption curve – still early but not too early
  2. Bitcoin is on sale at 70% off
  3. Big Wall Street players are starting to jump on board for real – David Swenson and Yale endowment this week is HUGE!

To me, bitcoin is is like a superfood for your portfolio…

It diversifies, hedges AND has returned 13,000% over the last eight years…

Going from 5 cents to close to $6700 today.

No guarantee that it will do that in the future, of course. But the fact that it could makes it a MUST in my portfolio.

As always, I hope that helps.