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Ep. 006: What the Dot-Com Bubble Can Teach Us About Investing in Cryptocurrency

by | Feb 25, 2018

Whether you believe, as I do, that this time is NEVER different, or not … there are many instructive lessons to be drawn from the dot-com bubble and cryptocurrency.

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“Everything is another one of those […] The key to success is to identify what one of those it is.”.

— Ray Dalio

Founder of Bridgewater Associates

The crypto-kiddies, who didn’t live through having their life savings invested during the Internet Bubble, would have you believe that you should #HODL cryptocurrency forever!

This time is different! Crypto will go up forever. To suggest otherwise is treasonous!

Whether you believe, as I do, that this time is NEVER different, or not … it is still a useful intellectual exercise to ask, what if it is … what if that is true? 

And, if it is, what can the Internet Bubble teach me about investing, in general, and investing in cryptocurrencies more specifically?

What does this tell us about which assets to invest in? How do we know when to buy? And more importantly, when to sell?

We’ll explore those lessons, in this episode, and actionable steps to put them into practice in your portfolio…

(BTW, I believe “What if…” is the most powerful question in investing.)

TO DIVE DEEPER INTO dot-com bubble and cryptocurrency:

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Ray Dalio Interview with Tim Ferriss 

Principles by Ray Dalio (aff. link)

⇒ The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future – Steve Case (aff. link)

⇒ SANE CRYPTO Investment Framework


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