Ep. 010: Why I Am A #NoAltCoiner in retirement portfolios


John, a 51 year old listener, from Oakland, CA, writes, "Love your podcast. you have the levelest head in crypto podcasts. Can I make one suggestion.....plz change your intro music. It sounds like bad music to intro every horrible business audiobook ive ever listened to :-).


I'd love to hear you address how/why other coins are so tied to bitcoin and if/when that will change. Also I know you are focused on the "big" coins. But I think we are seeing a class of other legitimate "use" coins starting to emerge...love to hear your comments on that."


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Remember, this is not a game. It’s not a competition. It’s not entertainment. When you are dealing with having to fund potentially 40+ years in retirement with the money you have managed to accumulate, investing is deadly serious business.
— Kim Hughes, SANE CRYPTO
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