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Ep. 012: Kim Kiyosaki Interview – Cryptoassets and Why Women Must Be Investors

by | Apr 8, 2018

Kim Kiyosaki Women Cryptocurrency

In this episode, I talk with Kim Kiyosaki cryptocurrency and why women must take control of their future by becoming knowledgeable investors.

A recent Forbes article said $85 billion in new wealth was created in by Bitcoin in 2017 and women only got about $5 billion of that. Since Kim is the author of two books on the subject of women and investing: Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time, and was really way, way ahead of her time on this topic … 

We talk about:  1) Where she and Robert are on their thinking about cryptoassets as an investment; 2) How to approach learning about a totally new investment class didn’t exist for most of us, just a few short years ago; and 3) How to get women more involved in investing in general, and crypto assets more specifically.

I was fortunate enough to do two PBS specials, with Kim, way back in the day, titled The Rich Woman In You. So it was really fun to catch up ..

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“The number one worry of Americans today is running out of money in retirement. And, you can worry all you want about it. Or… you can go out there and do something about it!”

— Kim Kiyosaki

TO DIVE DEEPER INTO Kim Kiyosaki, Cryptocurrency & Topics We Discussed:

Rich Woman – Kim Kiyosaki (Amazon aff link)

It’s Rising Time – Kim Kiyosaki (Amazon aff link)

The Rich Woman In You (PBS)

Where Are All The Women In Blockchain (Forbes)

Why Women Must Become Investors (Rich Dad)

Do Women Take As Many Risks As Men? (HBR)

The Cash Flow Board Game (Rich Dad)

How To Be The Family CFO – Kim Snider (Amazon aff link)

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