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Ep. 013: Should you pay for a cryptocurrency investing course?

by | Apr 15, 2018

It is troubling to me people in the cryptocurrency space are so derogatory towards paid advice. Admittedly, as the creator of a cryptocurrency investing course, I am biased.

And yes! I too am aghast at the shilling that goes on… both with the ICOs themselves, of which 99.9% will fail and take investors money with them, and the blatant con men who don’t give a rip about anything other than parting you from your money.

But, to make absolute comments, like “if you are an individual and someone is charging you for their content / expertise, look elsewhere”, are doing potential investors a major disservice.

Answer me this… If this model of people doing it on their own is so great, why are so many doing it wrong?

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“Use your gut … The people you are looking for are thoughtful, honest and smart … Are they saying things no one else is willing to say? Thinking in ways no one else is thinking? Speaking the truth even though it is unpopular?”

— Kim Snider

In this episode, I cover:

✓ Disturbing comments from cryptocurrency OGs decrying all paid advice as a rip-off

✓ Examples of how badly in need of a cryptocurrency investing course many people are

✓ The two ways to learn something important

✓ Why the laws of investing are no different for this new asset class

✓ Should you pay for a cryptocurrency investing course?

✓ What to watch out for. How to know the difference between quality advice and bad actors


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