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Ep. 015: Ask Kim: Is James Altucher A Scam?

by | Apr 29, 2018

Today I am going to be taking on a question about whether James Altucher is a scam, coming out of the episode a couple of weeks ago, titled “Should you pay for a cryptocurrency investing course?

“Hi Kim; I appreciate your knowledge and experience as well the sanity and approach you bring to crypto investing. I mostly agree with you regarding the things you say, however, I was taken aback today when you seemed critical of James Altucher. I know you must have included him in your list/example of big-name crypto gurus to be wary of for a reason and would appreciate you elaborating as to why.”

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Commonly, it is the people pulling the strings who get out first making the most in the scheme, and leaving everyone else scrambling to sell before losing their investment.

— CFTC Investor Bulletin


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