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Ep. 016: Ask Kim: What Is An ICO and Why Don’t You Invest In Them?

by | May 6, 2018

Today, we are going to be answering another question from the Ask Kim mailbag. This one is about ICOs and ICO risks. Dina writes:

“Love your podcast. I have been in crypto for just over year. I own about eight different coins, all of them ICOs. You seem to be the only person in crypto who does not recommend alt coins. Can you explain your logic? Trying to figure out if I am making a mistake. Looking forward to your answer. Dina.”

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What could possibly go wrong with people raising $100’s of millions of dollars on the basis of a white paper?

-- Kim Snider

In this episode, I cover:

✓ What is an ICO? How are they different from IPOs?

✓ ICO Risks:

– The likelihood that a huge percentage (read: 99% IMO) of these ICOs will fail and take investors money with them

– Regulatory risk

– Projects in the “wrong wave”

– The Velocity Problem

✓ The market’s job

✓ What I am invested in

TO DIVE DEEPER INTO ICO Risks and Why I Don’t Invest In Them:

Cryptoassets – Tatar & Burniske (Amazon aff. link)

The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future – Steve Case (Amazon aff. link)

Nearly Half of 2017’s Cryptocurrency ‘ICO’ Projects Have Already Died (Fortune)

Why I am a #NoAltCoiner in retirement portfolios (Hughes)

SEC/CFTC Testimony to Senate Banking Cmte. (C-Span)

On the Velocity Problem for Cryptoasset Value (Wilson Lau)


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