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Ep. 017: Ask Kim: Do you recommend GBTC as a Bitcoin alternative?

by | May 14, 2018

Today, we are going to be answering another question from the Ask Kim mailbag about GBTC as an bitcoin alternative. David writes:

Nearing end of Cryptoassets (thanks for recommendation, everyone needs to read) and they mention GBTC.  Don’t recall a podcast mention as yet.  Too much of a premium to consider?  Easy to get via the brokerage account.  Any period chart tracks my 4 cryptoassets portfolio which tells me premium has been relatively constant.

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“As with all things crypto, this may change, as the asset class evolves, competition heats up, and that premium pulls in, then it may make perfect sense.”

-- Kim Snider

In this episode, I cover the reasons I prefer Bitcoin to GBTC:

✓ What is GBTC? What is a unit investment trust?

✓ The pros of GBTC as a bitcoin alternative

✓ The disadvantages of GBTC compared to bitcoin

TO DIVE DEEPER INTO GBTC as a bitcoin alternative:

Cryptoassets – Tatar & Burniske (Amazon aff. link)

Greyscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (OYCQX:GBTC)

Why GBTC Is Better Than Bitcoin (Seeking Alpha)

Why Bitcoin Investment Trust Is a Bad Investment (Motley Fool)


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