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Ep. 019: How Cryptocurrency Could Put You Over the Retirement Finish Line

by | May 27, 2018

Today’s topic comes from a conversation I overheard at the gym the other day. I wasn’t eavesdropping. These two woman were right next to me, talking while they were warming up, so I couldn’t help but overhear.

Here in Aiken, where I live, the largest employer, by far, is the Savannah River Site. During the Cold War, it made the fuel for our nuclear weapons. Locals back then called it “the bomb plant” I am not entirely sure what they do today that employs 10,000 people, but in a small town, that is big employer. When you ask someone what they do, very, very often, they’ll say, “Oh I work at the plant.”

So the one was telling the other about her Dad. Apparently, they both worked at the plant, as had her Dad. Her Dad was older and couldn’t work any more. And it sounded like, even though they have pensions at the plant, because they work for the Department of Energy, he wouldn’t have gotten his full pension benefit unless he worked to 82, because of when he started there. Apparently he had been forced to retire for health reasons and took his Social Security early, and it wasn’t nearly enough for him to live on, and it was putting a strain on her and her husband because they were trying to subsidize him, while still taking care of their own family, and save for their own retirement, and her husband was getting resentful. And they had had a big fight. And what if it was your Mom and Dad. You’d be doing the same thing… It was horrible! A horrible story.

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“So, the question remaining is how do you structure an investment portfolio to approximate Pascal’s Wager? What would Pascal’s Portfolio look like? Such that, in his words, if you lose, you lose nothing. But if you win. You gain all.”

-- Kim Snider

In this episode, I cover:

✓ Woman telling story about her Dad running out of money in retirement

✓ How much savings it takes to replace a $150K per yer income

✓ The statistics on retirement savings preparedness

✓ What I believe to be true that very few people agree with me on

✓ What is Pascal’s Wager and what does it have to do with investing in cryptocurrency for retirement?

✓ The impact of various return scenarios on retirement income

TO DIVE DEEPER INTO Topics Covered In This Episode:

Older Americans Are More Afraid of Running Out of Money Than Death (Motley Fool)

World’s centenarian population projected to grow eightfold by 2050 (Pew Research)

Getting to grips with longevity (The Economist)

Zero To One: Note on Startups, Or How To Build The Future – Peter Thiel (Amazon aff link)

What Is Pascal’s Wager? (Got Questions)


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