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Why is SANE CRYPTO the best cryptocurrency podcast?

Just ask all of our five star reviewers who appreciate the “rational, logical nuanced thought on investing” and “non-biased educational approach” rather than “hype and B.S. of other shows.” They say, “for the best bitcoin podcast, hands down, start here!”

The host of Sane Crypto is Kim Snider, a former award winning, SEC Registered financial advisor and financial engineer, who admittedly approached Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptoassets initially with a great deal of skepticism. After being asked for advice from a friend, and then doing a lot of independent research and due diligence, her world view about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and investing was permanently changed.

Most people believe cryptoassets are too risky for the average investor. Kim believes the risk is in NOT Investing. And, in fact, cryptocurrency may be the answer to near-retiree’s prayers.

What other investment diversifies, hedges against inflation AND has returned 334.91%, on average, over the last eight years?

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