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Ep. 038: Why invest in bitcoin? Why now? [Ask Kim]

by | Oct 9, 2018

Recently someone asked me why they should invest in bitcoin. A lot of people are interested in where the future of investing is, but they’re apprehensive about investing in cryptocurrency. I think not investing in bitcoin, and not investing in it now, is insane! 
In this episode I cover why you shouldn’t pass up on the potential that bitcoin has to offer, and why we are in the sweet spot for investing in it. 

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“As prices go lower, people regret their past mistakes. They rue their losses. They tend to sell out because they feel stupid and they’re afraid of further losses at just the moment they should be buying.”

- Howard Marks

Oaktree Capital

In this episode, I cover:

✓ Why bitcoin is a non-correlated asset to any of the other assets in a typical portfolio

✓ How bitcoin acts as a hedge against inflation and financial crisis

✓ What makes the upside potential of bitcoin so massive

✓ Why I believe now is the sweet spot of the adoption curve

✓ How big Wall Street players are starting to jump on board for real, and why this means you should invest now


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