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Protecting Yourself From Bad Financial Advice

Most people still cling to the quaint idea that Wall Street’s job is to make you money. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Most investments.. and most investment advice, is designed to make the person selling it rich. Not you. I was reminded of this by...

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My Biggest Investing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

This week we are going to go back to the podcast listener mailbag for an Ask Kim question. Dini asks: "What is the biggest mistake that you have made as an investor? What advice would you give to an investor like me to avoid making the same mistake?" For me, this one...

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7 Investing Lessons From The Big Short

Last night, I couldn’t bear to watch any more mid-term election prognosticating. So I decided to be productive and watch a movie instead. I know you are probably thinking to yourself, how on earth was watching a movie being productive? The Big Short is based on a...

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How To Protect Your Retirement Savings

Amid all the destruction left when Hurricane Michael came ashore at Mexico Beach, Florida, one home was left standing, seemingly unscathed, while everything around it was leveled. Although it is known as The Sand Palace of Mexico Beach, the press dubbed it "The...

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How To Manage Risk

No one knows what will happen, but the Fed reversing a historically long period of artificially depressed interest rates is probably a good time to brush up on your risk management. One of my favorite finance writers is Morgan Housel. I highly recommend everything he...

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Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Bitcoin

I don't know about you but I have found the last few weeks to be somewhat unsettling. In addition to what feels to me like social tensions among us approaching some sort of boiling point, we have: ✓ Massive job losses and dislocation coming from AI and automation ✓ A...

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How To Buy Bitcoin

I think one the biggest deterrents for people new to cryptocurrency is the first question they find themselves asking: How do you buy bitcoin? I'm going to do my best to demystify the process and help you see that it isn't nearly as foreign as it may at first seem. In...

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Investing Isn’t Optional

I was being interviewed on Jordan Goodman’s Money Answers podcast the other day, and he asked me what makes Sane Crypto sane? The answer is that Sane Crypto is about stripping away the emotions, ignoring our prehistoric Lizard Brains, and making decisions based on...

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The 3 Ways Bitcoin Actually Reduces Risk

We invest with our prehistoric lizard brains and our lizard brains see bitcoin as super high risk. I have been working on an article I am pitching to a major publication about Baby Boomers investing in cryptocurrency. For background, I asked my email list... "If you...

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When Things Get Wild:
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