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Kim Snider

Most people believe cryptoassets are too risky for the average investor. I believe the risk is in NOT Investing.

What other investment diversifies, hedges against inflation AND has returned 334.91%, on average, over the last eight years? No guarantee returns will be that in the future, of course. But the fact that it could makes it a MUST in my portfolio.

My signature program is the SANE CRYPTO Mastermind, for those who want the diversification benefits and return potential of cryptocurrency plus the guiding hand of a former investment advisor with a 20+ year, proven track record.

Meet Your Guide: Kim Snider

“When you meet her or are taught by her, you become her friend for life.” ~ Linda Barnes, Dallas, TX
Kim Snider
Kim Snider - How To Be The Family CFO

Kim Snider has spent 20+ years as an entrepreneur, options trader, investment advisor, financial engineer, author, speaker, educator, and financial radio talk show host.

Kim got into investing in the mid-90s, after having made a windfall in an IPO before the age of 30, entrusting it to a well-known Wall Street brokerage firm, which proceeded to lose everything she hadn’t managed to spend.

Out of self-defense, and a little bit of payback, Kim created what years later came to be known as the Snider Investment Method, a system of producing consistent cash flow from paper assets at a significantly higher rate than traditional, non-engineered investments.

Her investment firm, Snider Advisors, which both taught and managed assets using Kim’s method exclusively, was on the Inc List of Fastest Growing Companies two years in a row (2008 & 2009).

Kim retired at 47, sold her investment firm and in 2011 moved to South Carolina, with her husband and dogs, built a polo farm and planned to live happily ever after …

And all was going according to plan, until crypto came along.

Most people think cryptocurrency is too risky for a run of the mill portfolio. Kim believes the risk is in NOT investing in cryptoassets.

Motivated by the cascade of bad advice she saw pouring out all over the Internet, Kim un-retired to create SANE CRYPTO and help Baby Boomers get properly positioned for what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, but not get wrecked if it turns out to be a nothing burger.

Kim’s “why”​ is to learn things people think only experts can learn, make it her own in some systematic way and then teach it back to others who need that information to improve their business or life.


“What I like about Kim Snider is she is no B.S. She tells it like it is. She’s an expert in her field and she practices what she preaches. On top of everything else, she’s an educator and she is passionate about having people win with their investments.” Kim Kiyosaki

Co-Founder, Rich Dad Companies

“I’ve been profiting for years from the income investing Kim Snider taught me. So I jumped at the opportunity to follow her lead into cryptocurrency. Once again, in Sane Crypto Mastermind, she makes the complex understandable, clearly explaining what to do and why. She took me from clueless to crypto, step be step. If crypto currency is a fit for you, Sane Crypto Mastermind is the way to get there.” John Staedke

Independent Outsourcing/Offshoring Professional, Tulsa, OK

“Excellent seminar! It was clear that Kim really knows her stuff and is an excellent and engaging teacher and coach. Great value for your investment.” Stephanie G

“I have been watching your videos and listening to your podcasts. I think they’re wonderful! I enjoy them all and truly appreciate your philosophy and opinions AND the practical & helpful nature of the mastermind instructional videos! I had no idea how much I had no idea about, and it feels so good to have you walk through the steps and show how it works!” J.T. Entzminger

“We want you to know that you are probably the only person on the planet that we would seriously listen to about investing in cryptocurrencies. If you are in it, we are interested and looking forward to the seminar tonight.” Jim & Lori G.

“Kim, you are a truly gifted instructor, public speaker and leader. I have never taken a class where normally dull, tedious financial material was so continuously captivating.” Tim Davis

The Woodlands, TX

“For once someone provides real information on investing based on sound, unbiased data which reveals the charlatan manner in which many major investment firms approach the way they treat their customers.” Larry Perkinson

Dallas, TX

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