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Ep. 039: Three Bitcoin myths we need to get rid of

by | Oct 16, 2018

Recently, I came across an Ask Kim email from someone who’s financial advisor had told them that bitcoin was a scam, only used by criminals. This infuriated me to no end. It is an investment advisor’s duty to help you make sound financial decisions, and this particular advisor showed his ignorance as well as potentially doing harm to this investor.
Rather than sit on it and remain angry, I decided to use it as an opportunity to debunk the top three myths surrounding bitcoin. When you choose to ignore facts in favor of sensationalized myths, you are costing yourself a financial opportunity. 

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“You can’t convince a man of something when his salary depends on the opposite.”

- Upton Sinclair


In this episode, I cover:

✓ Why people perpetuate these myths

✓ The myth that bitcoin is only used by terrorists and criminals

✓ The myth that bitcoin has no value, and isn’t backed by anything

✓ The myth that bitcoin is too risky for all but the most speculative investors

✓ The consequences of giving in to these myths


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